Shipping & Returns Policy

Orders are typically shipped same day or within 1 business day of being received.  Tracking information will always be provided.   Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges on our products due to the nature of the products we sell.

Items purchased from are not allowed to be returned due to the nature of the items which are sold. If an order is placed and has not shipped yet, we will honor a cancellation if requested by email should the item not already have been shipped. Please note, our shipping team and customer service team operate different hours so the stopping of a package is not possible.  If the order has been shipped, we no longer can accept a return. Simply stated, will not risk reselling a returned item to another customer which is why we do not take returns for items listed on our website. If a package is refused at delivery or returned to sender, will restock the returned item for a 30% restocking fee which is calculated from the original price of the item/package not including any promotions or coupons used.  Shipping fees paid by the buyer originally will not be refunded at all.  If an item is sent back opened, we cannot offer a refund at all.

We take pride in satisfying our customers and would not be able to restock, resell, or accept a used product in our facilities to ensure that all the products we sell are sanitary and brand new. Once a product leaves our facility, we would not have control of the condition, which makes this true for any unopened products or products claimed to be unused. Due to health concerns, we would not sell a potentially used product to any new or returning customers and therefore cannot accept any returns.

We thank you for your loyalty to the official Australian distributor of Authentic Magic Wand Massagers.